About Me 

Height: 6"0'   |   Eyes: Hazel   |   Hair: Medium Brown

Irish-Catholic work ethic in my veins, 21st century innovation in my head, and a determination to dazzle in my heart. Forever chasing in the intoxicating embrace of an audience's applause.

Mission Statement 

To inspire the next generation of theatre goers in challenging and stimulating ways. Humans connecting to humans in the most immediate way, and guiding each other  along journeys of reflection in order to discover informed and empathetic dialogue both within the self and in the world at large.


“Art is not a mirror held up to reality,

but a hammer with which to shape it.”

― Bertolt Brecht



Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Abridged   |   La Paz Intermediate Theatre  |   Adam/Juliet/Friar/Sampson/Tibalt   |   2011

 Love's Labors Lost  |  Mission Viejo HS Theatre  |   Berowne  |  2014

The Laramie Project   |   Mission Viejo HS Theatre   |   Multiple Characters  |   2014 (reprised in 2015)

The Awakening of Spring  |  Mission Viejo HS Thetare   |   Moritz Stiefel  |  2015

Our Lady of 121st Street  |  Lee Center for the Arts  |  Gail Saunders  |  2016

Mother Courage and her Children |  Lee Center for the Arts  |  Chaplain/Sergeant  |  2016

Re-Entry  |  Lee Center for the Arts | Commanding Officer |  2017


Beauty and The Beast   |   LaPaz Intermediate Thetare   |   Gaston  |   2011

Fiddler on the Roof   |   Mission Viejo HS Theatre   |   Perchik  |   2012

Anything Goes!   |   Mission Viejo HS  Theatre   |   Billy Crocker  |   2013

Legally Blonde  |  Mission Viejo HS Theatre  |  Emmett Forest  |  2014

The Rocky Horror Show  |  No Square Theatre  |  Brad Majors  |  2015

Cabaret  |  Seattle Gilbert & Sullivan Society   |  Kit Kat Dancer  |  2019


"Blitz"   |   SU Short Film - Dir: Andrew Okada   |  Supporting Actor  |   2017

"The Interview"   |  SU Short Film - Dir:  Nicole Argamosa  |   Lead Actor  |  2017

"Tidal"   |   Independent Film - Dir Kate Vargash   |   Lead Actor  |   2018


Make-up Designer for "The Awakening of Spring   |   Mission Viejo, CA

Prosthetics Designer for "Female Transport"  |  Seattle, WA

Director of "This Was Easier Last Year"  |   Seattle, WA

Marketing and Publicity Co-Lead for "You On the Moors Now," and "Love and Information"  |  Seattle, WA

Production Photographer for "Cinderella"  |  Mission Viejo, CA

Community Partnership Liaison for Sojourn Theatre's "How To End Poverty in 90 Minures   |   Seattle, WA

Co-Producer / Performance Director   |   SCRATCH Winter Variety Show 2017  |   Seattle, WA

Master of Ceremonies  |  SCRATCH Side Out: Fall Quarter Collaboration 2018  |  Seattle, WA

Co-Producer / Performance Director  |  SCRATCH Winter Variety Show  2019  |  Seattle, WA


“Outstanding Achievement” for the role of Perchik: Lee Childress MACYS Awards  |  (2013)

“Best Actor In a Musical” for the role of Billy Crocker: National Youth Arts (NYA)  |  (2014)

Nominee for “Best Male Vocalist” for the Role of Billy Crocker: Orange County Cappies  |  (2014)

Finalist for "Actor of the Year" for the Role of Billy Crocker: Orange County Cappies  |   (2014)

“Highest Achievement” for the role of Billy Crocker: Lee Childress MACYS Awards  |   (2014)

“Best Make-up Design in a Play” for “The Awakening of Spring:”  Orange County Cappies  |   (2015)

“Best Supporting Actor in a Play” for the Role of Moritz Stiefel: Orange County Cappies   |   (2015)

“Community Builder” Honor in the performing arts at Seattle University: SU P.A.A.L. community   |   (2017)

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"To the heart, to the sky, to the heart, to the earth."
est. 1997